Do I have to Put Cash Down?
Many times cash down is not required, but we do recommend putting some money down to get you in your desired budget.  Your trade can also be used as down payment if you have equity.  
How do I finance With Wiers if I purchase online?
We make financing an online purchase as easy as possible.  You simply fill out an online credit application and one of our agents will process your application to get you approved.  Once approved we will send documents to be signed digitally.  Any documents that need to be signed in person will be handled by one of our delivery agents.  
Will Wiers collect taxes on my purchase?
We are required to collect the state tax for the state you live in.  In most cases we do not collect local taxes (ex county / city) and they will be required to be paid at time of registration.  We do provide documentation showing you paid the full sales tax in your respective state.  
Can I finance online and pick up my car/truck at the store?
Yes, you can choose to do as little or as much of your purchase online.  Many of our customers prefer to do final paperwork in the store.  
Do I have to finance with Wiers?
No, financing with Wiers is not required.  You can arrange for your own financing or pay cash for your vehicle.  Payment is required by money transfer or cashier's check if you arrange your own financing or pay cash.  
How long is my approval good for?
Finance approvals are good for 30 days, provided all information is accurate at time of actual purchase.  If information changes simply resubmit your application.
How are my terms determined?
Financing terms are based on your credit history, your income and the vehicle you are purchasing.  Terms can vary based on the vehicle you intend to purchase.