How Much Will Your Vehicle Cost You?

Estimating how much a car cost is an easy feat, right? Let’s see – purchase price, plus zero – voila! That’s far from the actual answer. Every expense related to your vehicle that you will incur over the next month, year or decade adds to the true, total cost of ownership. Gas, tires, repairs – all that good stuff. Want help figuring those things out? Look no further – we at Wiers Auto can help fix you up.

Car tires usually aren’t that much. However, the larger tires you want, the more they cost. Further, if you buy cheap tires, they could be punctured far easier than quality, costly tires. Gas adds up, although everybody absorbs this expense. If you are a truck driver or otherwise drive lengthy distances to work, consider a green, fuel-friendly ride. Oil changes and other forms of maintenance cost a lot, too.

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