Getting Prepared Before that Holiday Road Trip

The best way to make sure that you arrive at your holiday destination safely and ahead of schedule is to just plan for it to happen in advance. Here are a few things to consider before you pack the car with your family for that long holiday journey, courtesy of our staff at Wiers Auto:

  1. Keep a box in the trunk for small emergencies. Things to include range from duct tape, tools, flashlights, bottled water, and road flares.
  2. If you have large malls or airports along you route this holiday, plan routes where there will be congestion.
  3. The day before the holiday is going to be the heaviest traffic, so try to get moving a day before that if possible.
  4. Traveling in areas you are not familiar means you need to pay extra attention to speed limit signs or you risk huge fines.

One last thing, be sure to come to see us at 416 South Halleck Street to get your holiday road trip checkup!

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