We take every step possible to make sure that your car is exactly what you expect, but we understand that sometimes stuff happens.  In the unlikely event your vehicle does not work for you, our return policy is below.

-There is no fee to return or exchange a vehicle for customers in our local market.  If you are outside of our local market, you will be refunded the price you paid for the vehicle, excluding the delivery fee.  In event your purchase qualifies for free delivery the delivery fee charge will be determined at a rate of $2.00 per mile. 

-There are a few limits on our 3 day guarantee.  The first day of your test-own period starts on the day you receive the vehicle.  If you decide to return your vehicle, please let us know prior to 5 PM CST on the third calendar day after receiving it.  We will make arrangements with you to coordinate the return at that time.  Additionally, you can drive the vehicle up to 150 miles during your 3-day period.  You can still return the vehicle if it is driven over 150 miles, however, for each additional mile after the 150-mile limit we will charge a fee of $2.00 per mile.  We cannot accept a return where the car has been modified, damaged, or altered from its original condition when delivered.  We also cannot accept a return if the car has been in an accident or has had a lien or other encumbrance put on the vehicle (other than the retail installment contract you signed with Wiers.)